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Our quality is out of respect for your most precious.

Alkım Textile continues to provide services by increasing the production quality with the experience given by the past years. With its innovative working approach that incorporates technological developments in baby and children's clothing, it dresses your most valuable ones with confidence.

Alkım Textile manufactures in its facility designed with the understanding of social and environmental responsibility, suitable for climate data and conditions specific to that place, consuming as much as it needs, oriented to renewable energy sources.

Alkım Textile operates by taking into account the creative powers and unifying effects of women in all production processes. In this context, 75% of production employment is made up of women.

Our mission

To prepare happier tomorrows for the national economy, our business partners, suppliers, customers, employees and their families with high-quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly production. To work for the better behind every dream we project.


Our Vision

To produce high quality baby/children's ready-to-wear products with a working environment that respects nature and production techniques. To provide efficient and high quality work by providing a safe and peaceful working environment to our team mates.

  • 1990 - Alkım Textile was founded.
  • 1996 - Alkım Textile increased its European export capacity with the Hadımköy Factory.
  • 2004 - Alkım Textile established Uzbekistan production and Russian export markets.
  • 2007 - The baby ready-to-wear sector has entered a new era with Fuarbaby retail investments.
  • 2012 - Motherlove brand collections are starting to meet your most precious ones.
  • 2022 - Alkım Textile Avrasya OSB/Yalova is increasing its capacity with the new investment project and moving its production to the new ”green project" facility.
  • 2025 - Our investments in digital printing, socks and design projects will be implemented by increasing storage and production capacity.